Cornea Services

Cornea Services

The Cornea & Ocular surface clinic of Sanjivni Eye And Medicare Centre provides complete and effective treatment of patients with conditions that affect cornea and ocular surface of the eye causing severe vision loss and irritation in the eyes. Cornea transplant (keratoplasty) is our one of the highlighted services led by experienced cornea and refractive surgeon Dr. Vivek Arya.

About Corneal Diseases

Our Cornea specialists treat all corneal conditions including corneal swelling after cataract surgery, Fuchs corneal dystrophy (which can cause corneal swelling either before or after cataract surgery), keratoconus (thin, irregular cornea often starting in childhood or young adulthood), and recurrent erosion syndrome (episodes of eye pain often in the middle of the night or upon awakening). We also treat many patients with symptoms of eye dryness and grittiness, often caused by ocular dryness (not making enough tears) or eyelid inflammation (often from blepharitis or meibomitis when the eyelid oils aren’t produced properly and don’t coat the surface of the eye as they should). We see many patients with corneal infections (often from contact lens use and trauma), herpes simplex eye infections (the same virus that can cause cold sores around the mouth and face) and herpes zoster eye infections (the virus that causes shingles).

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